Hello, I´m Rubén Megido, a freelance illustrator & graphic designer from Spain. Hear me roar!

Sophie digital portrait


In Portraits
Aquapet promotional brochure

Aquapet brochure & signaling

In Graphic design
WW2 D-day Omaha Beach landings

WW2 D-Day – Omaha Beach

In Character design
Science fiction space art cover illustration

«Project BE» cover illustration

In Book Cover Design / Landscape painting
Highstorm fantasy landscape illustration

Highstorm – Fantasy landscape

In Landscape painting
William Adama

William Adama

In Portraits
Character design lizardman warrior

Lizardman warrior

In Character design / Children´s illustration
«The Secret of the Machines» illustrations on comic book format based on the poem by Ruydard Kipling

The Secret of the Machines

In Children´s illustration
Warhammer 40k Space Marine

Warhammer 40K space marine

In Character design
«Encounter in the garden» fantasy children illustration

Encounter in the garden

In Children´s illustration

Landscape painting

Fantasy and science fiction landscape art in both digital & traditional media for book covers or game concept art.

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Character portraits

Portraits to visualize and represent characters for cover art, magazine illustrations and roleplaying characters.

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Children´s illustration

Bright and colorful illustrations for children and young adults books, comics, games and packaging.

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Book cover design

Eye-catching book cover designs and illustrations that will create the very best first impression to potential readers.

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